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Battalion Main Battalion History Battalion Photos

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Lieutenant Colonel Embery

Officer Commanding 28th Battalion

Major Parsons

28th Battalion

Major Alex Ross

28th Battalion

Captain Bruce

Adjutant, 28th Battalion

Headquarters Staff, 28th Battalion

Pioneer W. Beggs, Pioneer W. Dommett,
Pioneer J. Conway, Pioneer J. Jenkins, Pioneer J. Moodie,
Pioneer T. Hodgson, Pioneer R. Morrison, Pioneer A. Taylor

Pte. J. Wilson, Pte. J. C. Andrews, Pte. G. Scougall,
Pte. M. J. Murray, Pte. P. Damour, Pte. H. Moubert,
Pte. R. B. Slade

Pte. L. N. Le Valley, Pte. C. G. Evans, Pte. D. McLeod,
Pte. W. Young, Pte. G. Breakspear, Pte. A. Summers,
Pte. W. Auger

Sgt. C. H. Read, Pioneer Sgt. W. Jorgensen,
Q.M.-Sgt. T. H. Webb, Major J. McAra, Q.M.,
Armoury Sgt. A. Mannering, Transport Sgt. C. Beeching,
Pte. Cocker

Battalion Main Battalion History Battalion Photos

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